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Murdered NYC College Student Tessa Majors was a Radical Leftist Trying to Score Drugs Before Stabbing

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The gruesome stabbing murder of Tessa Majors by a 13-year-old boy last week has rocked New York City with thousands offering their sympathies to the victim, but Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) President Ed Mullins revealed that she made unfortunate and dangerous choices that may have played a role in her untimely death.

Mullins said that Majors was trying to score illegal drugs to radio host John Catsimatidis during an appearance on his AM 970 show, The Cats Roundtable. The boy who confessed to the murder was said by his neighbors to be a frequent marijuana user.

“What I am understanding is that [Majors] was in the park to buy marijuana,” Mullins said. “Here we have a student murdered by a 13-year-old, we have a common denominator: marijuana.”

A college friend of Majors told law enforcement that she was in the park trying to buy pot from a drug dealer, and police are working to confirm the allegation. Zyairr Davis, a 13-year-old boy, later confessed to stabbing Majors after he was apprehended by law enforcement near the murder scene. Majors’ body was found last Thursday at 5:30 pm right outside of Morningside Park.

The park received the dubious nickname of “Muggingside Park” in the 1970s due to its crime-ridden nature. Although the park has improved its reputation over the years, it is once again devolving into a crime-ridden cesspool due to the soft-on-crime policies of leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio. The SBA put the onus upon de Blasio for creating the conditions that facilitated Majors’ death.

However, Majors’ behavior on social media showed that her extreme leftist beliefs may have played a role in her tragic situation as well.

Her father, Inman Majors, is an English professor at James Madison University who emboldened his daughter to take liberal stances. He celebrated his daughter wearing a pro-Planned Parenthood t-shirt during an anti-Trump rally in 2017:

Images posted by Majors on her Pinterest account show that she was perpetrator of the LGBT agenda, a proud slut, a radical feminist, a proponent of diversity and multiculturalism, and an enemy of men’s rights.

Majors also interned at the Augusta Free Press, a far-left newspaper operating out of Virginia that promotes ANTIFA propaganda. Before her murder, Majors pined to become a member of the fake news media to spread her extreme leftist agenda.

“I’ve been writing in various forms since I was a little kid,” she said during a podcast interview. “Journalism was a field that I never delved into before… but I thought it would be a really interesting experience.”

While the gruesome murder of Majors may be an unspeakable tragedy, it comes as a consequence of this teenager being infected with the leftist mind virus. If Majors’ irresponsible father had not subjected her to toxic leftist propaganda, she may still be alive today.

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  1. Good !! I hate filthy leftist. She probably was upper middle class or wealthy.Most indoctrinated socialist are.

  2. I strongly disagree with her politics but no one has the right to take a life like that. Just because she has no common sense doesn’t mean she deserves to die. Who knows, maybe she would mature and become a rational person at some point in her life. Doubtful with her father being just like her but she still did not deserve to be murdered.

    • Think of it this way, had a Conservative or Republican been tragically killed, instead of her, what would her response have been.

      #1. If she would have been saddened, empathic, I agree with you.

      #2. Had she rejoiced their loss, frankly I shan’t shed a tear for her either.

      Which do you think she’d done. Frankly, a betting man, or woman, would bet on #2.

      • The news is proving out that the girl was buying drugs, the kids were known users, possible pushers. Appears at this point in time, what we have is two of a kind, or eating their own so to speak. I believe your #2 outcome would be most likely. That said, I won’t lower myself to the standard of a criminal just because someone else, in this case the victim, might. I stand by my no one has the right to take a life like this, no matter how low on the food chain I might find that person to be. Self defense, defense of another’s life, I would pull the trigger myself. To steal what they have? I am a much better person than that…..even if the person in question isn’t.

  3. Her parents are feeling the shock and pain of the loss of their daughter. She still was created in the image of God so she had value even with her belief systems. It is sad that she did not receive the Truth in her life about what true life is about; and it is to late for her but hopefully her parents can come to know it as a produce of this tragic event in their lives.

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