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U.S. Special Forces Member In Syria: ‘I am Ashamed For The First Time In My Career’

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Yesterday Trump decided to pull U.S. forces out of Northeast Syria and left Kurdish forces in the region exposed.

As a reminder the Kurds in Syria were ally to U.S. forces in their battle against the Islamic State.

Some disagreed with Trump’s decision to put America First and remove our forces without loosing a single soldier.

Some U.S. Republicans condemned President Donald Trump’s Syria policy .

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, usually a vocal Trump ally, has repeatedly criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northeastern Syria and unveiled a framework for sanctions on Turkey with Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen.

It seems that the soldiers that were forced to retreat did not agree woth this decision also.

A U.S. Special Forces member serving with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria said Turkey is inflicting atrocities as it invades northeastern Syria. 

“I am ashamed for the first time in my career,” the unidentified soldier, who has been involved in the training of indigenous forces on multiple continents, told Fox News Wednesday.

“Turkey is not doing what it agreed to. It’s horrible,” the soldier added. “We met every single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement [with the Turks]. There was no threat to the Turks — none — from this side of the border.”

Do you support Trump’s decision to pull our forces out of Syria?

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  1. It was mutual and the Kurds knew it. We can’t be there forever. Not only special Ops have opinions but their families do too.

    • Right, and we are talking about 50 soldiers, that’s all. Trump withdrew them to remove the possibility of US involvement. Smart move in reality.

  2. I saw an interview with Susan Rice advocating what the B Hussein administration had done. If she was that adamant about it and it was a B Hussein decision, it must have been a bad one from the start. Tough call for the President but literally, you have to pick your battles.

  3. maybe because it cuts down on his “contractor/operator/merc” opportunities. as long as the source in anonymous or unidentified then it is FAKE NEWS.

  4. No more fighting for Middle Eastern People, and that includes Israel.

    Enough thinking we’re the world’s police force.

    • But we ARE the world’s police force. Who better to protect than the Kurds? Who is more innocent than 100,000 Christians?

      • Ok constable.
        Very few Kurds are Christians. The Kurds everyone is so anxious to defend are mainly communists who, by the way, are classified as terrorists by almost all nations including the US. They fight Assad to bring about a “people’s paradise” in Syria. The enemies of our enemies are not always our friends. FDR made that mistake in WWII.

  5. Why would he be ashamed by doing the right thing by pulling away, see we did not even pull out we just moved some troops away!

  6. An open letter to Senator Lindsey Graham: The members of the US Congress last officially declared war December 7th, 1941. Do you know how many members of the military have been killed combat since then, Senator? You openly criticize the President for this withdrawal, but you do not have the courage follow the Constitution and officially declare war before asking members of our Armed Forces to make the supreme sacrifice. Even worse, you will not officially identify the enemy with whom we are at war. It’s been over 18 years since we experienced the tragedy of the first attack on the Continental US by a foreign power since the war of 1812. We refuse to identify the enemy let alone define victory and implement a plan to achieve it. How many more Americans will die in the Middle East before you will declare that this war needs to end? Senator, have the courage to do something other than criticize the President.

  7. He can always separate from the military and join the Kurds as a private citizen. Today’s military service isn’t involuntary servitude. IMO, he’s just a disgruntled progressive in uniform and uses his military service as a cover when taking potshots at the CIC,

      • It was the dims and progs who betrayed South Vietnam. They cut military funding for South Vietnam’s armed for, while the chicoms and the soviets increased their military support for the north viet commies. Libs and progs, pushing for enslavement of others.

        Did we betray the Kurds? We were providing aid to both Kurdish factions. Perhaps, we do need to step back and not have 50 US military personnel to be a trip wire for another endless war in the ME? Those people and their ancestors have been killing each other for about 5,000 years. I don’t see anything we can do that will keep them from each other’s throats.

        • It was America ( the part of our country that I despise) that dropped the Vietnamese in the grease. I’ve viscerally hated Democrats since 1975.

          Thanks for educating me about the Kurdish factions… I haven’t studied much of anything about the Middle East, and didn’t know other than the Kurds were anti-Saddam Hussein, brutalized by him, and sort of on our side. Thought they were mainly monolithic until your post, and looked them up.

          Personally, I don’t think another single American life, arm or leg should be sacrificed for any thing or any body in the Middle East. We have the remotely delivered thermodynamic and chemical capability to eliminate the entire region from contention.

  8. We America is not responsible for the actions of Turkey – they were counting on us leaving so they could to the Kurds what they have been bitterly fighting about for centuries. – And the Kurds were fighting for their homeland, we have given them everything, weapons, training, supplies, etc for years – can’t go on forever – we have too many issues with traitors here in our own Congress, intelligence, defense and of course with our fake news media – non stop lying to direct their traitorous narrative.

  9. I hope this is only the beginning of our withdrawal from worthless stone age cesspools like Afghanistan.

      • Withdrawing and leaving 100,000 Christians and the Kurds open to the Butcher, Erdogan, is horrible policy. Trump has given the green-light to Turkey’s Dictator to do ethnic cleansing of the Kurds,
        Erdogan has already bombed the prison where many ISIS prisoners are kept. This is horrible policy. Reminds me of our withdrawal from Vietnam, and will remind everyone else of that, too.

        • If withdrawing only 100 American troops leads to the massacre of the Kurds and the unleashing of thousands of ISIS prisoners, then it’s proof that nothing we did over there made a damn bit of difference.


    • Trump has invited the Turkish Butcher, Erdogan, to the White House. What a total travesty. Erdogan was Obama’s favorite world leader/Dictator. Why is that POS going to our White House?

    • Hard for him to be as objective as you are, him having known those people by first names and lived and operated with them in harsh conditions.

  11. I’m a combat vet myself. Shut your mouth and soldier on. The Kurds were never true U.S. allies anyway. They would turn on the U.S. in a second if they didn’t need us. Best to extricate ourselves from that endless quagmire.

  12. Thank God for DJT.
    Countless future parents and wives and children won’t have to bury their beloved sons, husbands, and fathers; or visit them broken and maimed in hospitals because previous “leaders” sent them to do what for a bunch of ungrateful, America-hating, head-sawing, goat-shagging pederast worshippers?
    Our brave selfless warriors have exactly one job.
    Protect OUR country. No one else’s.
    My heart aches for the ones and their heartbroken families maimed and killed previously for NOTHING but to stroke the egos of men who never faced battle.

    • 50 US troops were preventing genocide in Turkey/Syria. Turkey would not have attacked were we still THERE. They were a small price to pay to prevent genocide. Erdogan would never have attacked them if our 50 troops were still there!

  13. Sorry special forces dude, thank you for your service but we,the people, are done fighting these battles that have nothing to do with us. We.Are.Done.

  14. The US does not belong in this fight. It is a centuries long local dog fight that Obama and Hillary reignited. We need to get out of that which we should never have been involved. And if not now, when?
    The Turks have never been a friend or honest ally. Inviting Turkey into NATO for a tactical advantage during the Cold War was a bit of “Realpolitik” that was bound to eventually bite us in the ass. Obama and Hillary made sure it was sooner than later.
    The Kurds have been dumped on and abused by the Turks, Persians and the Arabs since forever. At the end of WWI the US and Europeans, while dividing up the world, promised the Kurds a homeland of their own – and then turned their backs on them.
    As much as I pity them, unless we are willing to crush Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria and keep troops in Kurdistan forever, there is nothing we can do for the Kurds in the near future.
    As a former soldier who fought along side an ally that we eventually betrayed I understand the anger, bitterness, shame, and frustration felt by the American soldiers forced to watch the Turks murder the people the soldiers trained and fought beside. But, the US does not need to sacrifice those same soldiers, or get committed any deeper into the Middle East quagmire. We need to cut our losses and go home. As I asked earlier: “If not now, when?”
    PS Don’t forget the parts played by Bush, McCain, Graham, et al in this fiasco.

  15. .
    Most people, apparently including Trump, don’t know the history of the Kurds. Go back far enough and it seems they were another branch of what today would be called Celts. There are still many Kurds with light colored or even blond hair. I gave a lecture in California about the Kurds and their genetic origins about 60 years ago.

    The Kurds have been our staunch allies against the radical and ruthless Muzz leader of Turkey, Assad, who refuses to grant them their own autonomous territory. The Kurds have stood by and bled with American troops like brothers. We are betraying them by abandoning them. Trump got some bad advice on this one. Our vets who fought alongside the Kurds will not forget how we are bugging out and leavng them to their fate.

    • Mostly horse feathers.
      The West betrayed the Kurds after WWI – mainly through the self serving manipulations of GB in service to their dying empire. We owe the Kurds nothing. They were not and are not fighting for us. They were fighting each other as well as Assad and the Turks when we showed up and foolishly jumped into the middle of a very old, bloody and tangled feud. We didn’t know who all the players were or their objectives when we arrived, and still don’t today.
      The Kurds are not a monolithic bloc. The Syrian Kurds have exacerbated their own problems with Assad by staging their terrorist raids on Turkey from Syria. Most of their organizations are communist who have been attacking the Assad regime for a long time. Some are allied with ISIS.
      As far as their Celtic connection goes – so what? The Celts got around. Celtic outposts and settlements are found along the Silk Road and in Western China dating 2 – 3000 YBP. There are still pockets of people on the Anatolian peninsula who speak an archaic Celtic dialect. There are still a lot of blond blue eyed Syrians. The Crusades have a lingering influence.
      Erdogan is the Muzzie leader of Turkey. Assad is the Muzzie leader of Syria.

  16. Your Commander in Chief saw fit to remove you from harms way. Be thankful he didn’t use you for cannon fodder. I can relate to your feelings, because we did the same thing in Vietnam. Thank you for your service.

  17. POTUS relocated less than a company sized contingent of Troops, got them out of the way of the violences.
    POTUS telegraphed this a while back, it is the probable correct move, in as much as any plan or agreement works out in the Mid East.

    The Kurds are not our Allies in any sense other than we have common enemies. The Kurds are training/have trained Klantifas and are largely communist/anarchists.

    That said they may be preferable to other rageheads but still not Allies, still not honorable peoples.

    Not our fight, we should bring many more of our people out of foreign deployments, if force is required to defend some interest of ours then we have plenty of stand-off weapons.

    Someone complains it reminds them of Vietnam…no, not at all comparable. Wde moved about 100 Troops out of the way, and this is not our fight in any way shape or form. hillary and obama the Usurper illegally established our force presence there, just as they illegally destabilized Libya and Egypt and other places.

    POTUS did the right thing, again.

  18. The quoted SF soldier is fortunate not to have experienced America’s betrayal of the Republic of South Viet Nam, throwing away 58,000 American sacrificed lives and a million or so butchered or devastated South Vietnamese.

  19. Most shameful for America to abandon the Kurds who bled & died along side US Special Forces, US has tiny fraction of casualties than the Kurds suffered 11000 casualties, while US forces <10 KIA, President Erdogan wants to kill all Kurds. POTUS still 2 stupid to realize consequences to USA reputation.

  20. sHAME ON PRES TRUMP TO LEAVE OUR ALLIES the Kurds to be slaughtered by the dictatorship of Turkey, a country that kills its own citizens. Trump should send in US troops to help the innocent Kurds and give them the whole country of Syria as a homeland. Trump sent in 2000 troops to Saudi Arabia, a country implicit for killing 3000 Americans on Sept. 11th. This is a disgrace not to help the Kurds our allies and to help; Saudi Arabia, a terrorist country and to help Turkey a dictatorship;

  21. Several Hundreds of Thousands of US Army retirees have carried the same feelings since 1973. This is nothing new Sir.

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